Why Measure Both Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variablity?

Increasingly, research is showing that compared to Low HRV, High HRV—larger variation between heart beats—gives a person more control over their mind and body. This leads to feelings of ease and competence in all sorts of endeavors, both mental operations like thinking, and more overtly physical behaviors like running.

These positive body and mind states may be understood as due to the degree of alignment of body and mind operations. In other words, moment to moment, one’s mind needs to control the body’s energy as efficiently as possible. Over control and under control are both suboptimal.

Normally we are all cycling through states of alignment and misalignment. The brain, heart, and lungs are the most important organs determining alignment. Most of the functions of these organs are not usually reported to conscious, focal attention. This device can give you information about unconscious and conscious decisions you are making to control yourself. This is because the physiological measures affect how you think and feel. And how you think and feel affects the body.

The Body Mind Analyzer displays changes in your Energy at the same time as changes in your ability to Control yourself. One can have increasing, decreasing, or stable levels of control at different levels of energy. Ideally, one can have high control and high energy, especially in an emergency. In comparison, high energy and low control (lots of gas but not much braking ability) can get you in trouble. The driver who wins a car race has to go faster than everyone else and be able to reduce and increase speed when necessary in order not to crash.