Trumpf built his entire administration upon demanding unctuous loyalty from his allies. But now he finds himself wounded by what he, at least, claims to see as their betrayal of him. He uses one standard for assessing the self, and another for judging others depending on egoistic motives. This sort of switch in the rules can occur more or less consciously. When mental habits are very strong, little conscious effort is needed to have them be executed. Hence, they playout more or less automatically.

Should the duplicity become apparent to the self, one can use rationalization to feel better (i.e., cognitive dissonance reduction). These rationalizations include coming to believe more strongly than ever that one’s positions are right, and denigrating others as being entirely wrong. When the treasonous person really starts to lose it, they can have psychotic delusions of grandeur that go beyond everyday dissonance reduction. Psychosis is the Big-Leagues of psychological defense mechanisms. And by the way, when Trump said “Bigly”, he meant “Big League”. He was just talking in New Yawkese. (Few if any have noted this idea.)

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