I wrote a book called ‘Sophistication’. It actually was the runner up in the New Mexico-Arizona Book Co-Op competition. It was imagined to be a ‘self-help’ book. It is perhaps of some help to people wanting to make good, sophisticated decisions in life. But the book is not a typical self-help book. It makes some fun of such books. For instance these books almost always have some list of rules you need to follow in order to achieve success, popularity, spirituality, and so on. I satirize this kind of thing in ‘Sophistication’. It is so facile. In any case, the book that won the self-help category was called “49 Rules for Overcoming Heroin Addiction”. Somehow the judges were unable to get the joke. The winner did exactly what I was lampooning in my book. In contrast I have a list of 6 clever rules to achieve sophistication:

  1. Never believe that anything is caused by merely one thing.
  2. Never say thank you after someone thanks you.
  3. Never try to be normal,
  4. Never try to be abnormal.
  5. Don’t do what doesn’t work.
  6. Do what you want to do.

Now, this list might give you a sense of what the book ‘Sophistication’ is like. When I tried to enter another book contest, I was told my book fit into no known category of books and, hence, I was excluded from the contest. When I said, “Isn’t a unique, one of kind book a great thing? I was told it would not be fair to the other contestants.