PRIVACY NOTICE: Your data will not be shared with anyone. It is stored on your phone. None of your personal information such as name, birthdate, and gender are collected or associated with your data.

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(1) If you haven’t already done so, purchase and install the Body-Mind Reader app on your iPhone. Accept and click through the User Agreement. At this point, you have the option to click “instructions for use,” which will direct you to this page on your phone.

(2) Buy the Scosche sensor at the link below:

(3) Make sure the sensor and phone are charged up.

Look for this icon on your iPhone. This is the App Store.
Search for the Body-Mind Reader. This is its icon.
How to apply the strap.

(4) Strap your sensor to your arm . See illustration to the right.

(5) At this point you need for the app to be pulled up on your phone.

(6) Start the sensor by pressing on the middle of the grey plastic square. A flashing blue light indicates the sensor is trying to connect to your phone.

(7) Press “Scan” to connect the sensor to your phone.

(8) In the app, press the green ‘START’ button. If the sensor has not been connected, a warning will come up, saying, “Bluetooth LE Manager: HR Sensor not connected.” No problem! Select “Scan” to find the monitor.

(9) The program begins by taking baseline measurements. After 20 seconds the device will provide feedback about how Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) are changing from your baseline measures. Press ‘STOP’ to end the session. Press ‘RESET’ then ‘START’ to begin another session with a new baseline. It makes sense to take your baseline measurements doing what you will be doing during the session measurements. For example, if you will be sitting, take the baseline while sitting; if you will be walking or running, take the baseline while walking or running.

When HRV is changing faster than baseline change, your ability to control energy is increasing. These changes show as GREEN. BLUE indicates no change from HRV or Heart Rate from baseline. RED means HRV intervals are changing slower compared to baseline which indicates decreasing control. So in general, you want to be in the GREEN not the RED. There are three gradations of each color from darker to lighter. The brightest shades of GREEN, RED, and BLUE indicate increases of Heart Rate over baseline. That is, bright colors indicate increases in energy–increasing Heart Rate. Darker shades indicate decreasing energy. You can view just the colors by turning off the Grid View.

Experiment to see how Energy and Control change when you change your thoughts (e.g., positive to negative); and when you change your bodily activities such as by running, walking, and altering the depth and rate of breathing. Very exciting and very relaxing fantasies or memories produce the most marked changes in body-mind states. You might imagine making a hit on the baseball field, in the boardroom, in the bedroom, or on the ski slopes. Then, you can think of being in a warm bath with calming music playing. Of course, you can either imagine such situations or actually take a bath, ski or have sex. Either way mental or physical, you should see changes in the feedback on your Body-Mind Reader.

Interacting with others also affects body and mind. Note how your Energy and Control change when you meet people you are attracted to and others who you do not find interesting . The key is to mindfully observe which changes in thinking cause physical changes in Energy and Control; and which physical changes cause changes in thinking and feeling. You can then use this knowledge to consciously change your body and mind states.