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      Dr. Bill

      For at least 40 years TV and movies have been full of violence. Cops, criminals, soldiers, and space aliens brandishing guns. No wonder murders and mass killings are commonplace. Increasingly, characters hold their guns in a ‘professional’ manner–with two hands, scanning the environment carefully, shooting accurately. I counted the number of violent programs on TV at any one time. Fully 65% of programs included gun violence.

      Then there are so called reality crime shows like ‘Cops’. This depict policemen and women handcuffing drunks, domestic violence offenders, and other trailer trash criminals. These are related to the multiple Law and Order shows, violent remakes of the old Perry Mason series. And, there are the awful courtroom reality shows in which petty crimes are shown. These include Judge Judy, Judge Wapner, and Judge whoever the hell. The many ‘investigative journalism’ uncovering the intrigues of spouse murders, child abuse, and fraud.

      TV and movies are both causes and effects of violence in the culture. Violence has become commonplace.
      More than 50% of citizens have guns. And they will start using them increasingly as our societies collapse.

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