Depressed in the Morning?

Feeling bad upon arising is a classic symptom of depression. This is called ‘morning dysphoria. When sad and guilty sleep is often the only time of refuge. One wakes from a good sleep and upon arising all the sad feelings absent during sleep come into consciousness. If you can get out of bed, you can work on decreasing the bad thoughts and feelings by direction attention to more positive thoughts. It is a kind of distraction. Or, as I have written before, the ability to move attention is similar to how a visual object can ‘reverse’ from one image into another. This occurs because the image’s features make it likely that the foreground and the background shift as one views it. It’s a similar thing with our thoughts. First sad thoughts are in the foreground, then positive thoughts. These in turn cause sad and less sad feelings.

If you have this morning sadness you should see a doctor and try to find some medications that relieve depression. When the drugs work, it indicates your depression is lifting. One can not will themselves out of chronic depression. Medications in such cases can be critically important.

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