Denial, Lies, Cyberwar, Conscious and Unconscious

For forty years Republicans have claimed to be fiscal conservatives. But obviously they have not been. No one in recent memory besides Clinton has balanced the budget. Gullible people near poverty vote for conservatives! Besides the seeming match in social values, conservatives are no friends of the needy and, their claims of being helpful to those in need are so hollow.

Why then do those they don’t support, support them? I think it is a form of denial. Being poor in America is a sin. Those who are barely making it fantasize they are part of the middle class. As the middle class disappears, those without think they are not without, and use credit cards to support the denial (until bankrupt). Such individuals are easy prey to politicians who fed them blatantly untrue claims encouraging them to be proud middle class citizens. It is the big lie. The most powerful, stupid lies go over best: War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery and so on.

The manipulation of meaning has become easier with the rise of information technology. Warfare, including cyberwar, has always included the notion that killing leaders is the surest way to win battle. That is, cutting off the enemies’ head leads to victory. The “head” is a shorthand for “thinking”. Bodies are destroyed to kill the brain and mind. Body damage is collateral damage.

It is now apparent that Russia has hacked the hell out of the US computer infrastructure. They have co-opted the nervous system of America. Specifically, they have hacked the automatic information processes that run the country. This is analogous to having taken control of the Autonomic Nervous System, the part of the nervous system that runs the organs of the body, out of awareness mostly. The Central Nervous System which includes the brain, is the target for influencing beliefs, for propaganda. The brain is the seat of conscious thinking. Attempts to alter conscious thoughts must be much more sophisticated than usurping automatic processes. Changing beliefs from the bottom up avoids barriers such as morality, feeling, and logical thought as means to fool people with big and little lies.

The current method of warlike influence seeks to avoid the resistances to belief change within the self. It subverts the self from the unconsous at a point where meaning is not questioned. “Is that information from my body (my computer infrastructure) true? If it isn’t, who can be trusted to provide valid data?” In the very near future, we will be wishing that the worst dangerous liar we had was Trump. Instead, we will have to question whether the information coming to us from our bodies, computers, and the social world have anything to do with the truth.

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