W. M. Bernstein


William M. Bernstein PhD NM
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A Basic Theory of Neuropsychoanalysis

W.M. Bernstein


This unique book brings together serious neuroscience and seriously deadpan humor, resulting in an opus that can best be described as Sigmund Freud meets Dave Barry meets Malcom Gladwell-esque amateur science—minus the amateur part. Sophistication suggests how readers can become more competent thinkers, able to interpret complex issues and make better decisions in all aspects of life. Four states of mind, which if chronic becomes your personality are described: shmo, schmuck, schadenfreudist, and sophisticate. The goal, for anyone hoping to get ahead in life, is to become a sophisticate—and learn how is a real trip!

William M. Bernstein PhD NM

The Realisation of Concepts: Infinity, Cognition, and Health