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Heart rate gives you information about how your nervous system–the sympathetic part– is working to increase arousal or energy. High heart Rate (HR) usually indicates higher energy than lower rates. The interval between heart beats, changes moment-to-moment. These changes are called Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is regulated by the parasympathetic part of the nervous system. Compared to slow change, fast change is associated with more control. The Body-Mind Reader measures both HR and HRV simultaneously and gives a user feedback about the alignment of their energy and control moment to moment. This promotes learning how to regulate ones body and mind.

See a demo of how the Body-Mind Reader works at video at: version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&start=4&wmode=transparent

The device is amazing. At first I guided the Reader by changing activity, and I noticed the color changed as soon as I formulated the intent to do something. I can see that being “in the green” is a state of mind, not necessarily linked to any particular activity, or even the extent to which that activity is burdensome or enjoyable. That’s the potential of this device: to help us get into the right state of mindfulness no matter what the task.

David M, MD. Neurologist

Dream of a Betrayed Woman

I’ve made a new video about a dream a betrayed woman told me. She was very conflicted about returning to her partner. She could only see him as all good or all bad. In the dream she found a new way to think about this man that enabled her to move forward with their relationship. Send me a dream and I will make a video interpreting it. Go to my’ Home Page’, then ‘Interpreting Dreams’, and write your dream in the Contact Form.

See the video at

Seems Almost All New Books are About Trump

I am trying hard to find books to read, especially during lock down. They all seem to be about Trump. I don’t want to think, let alone read about Trump. Michael Cohen’s, Bob Woodward’s, and John Bolton’s books were okay. The rest are awful. My belief is that no one should pay any attention to Trump. He lives for attention. Don’t attend his ‘News Conferences’, don’t look at his videos or tweets. Talk show comedians have been talking almost exclusively about Trump for four years. The Trump obsession is consistent with the decline of our culture. It is as if everyone was watching TV wrestling and The Three Stooges non-stop.

Seeking More Depth in Love

We all want depth in our love life. Here I interpret a dream of a man who wants more depth in his relationship with his partner.

Attempts to understand dreams have had a long history including Daniel’s experiences interpreting King Solomon’s dream. More recently, Sigmund Freud saw the utility of dreams for understanding a person’s unconscious wishes and conflicts. His assumption was that learning to recognize unconscious processes in dreams could have a positive effect on a person’s mental and physical health.

I am asking people to report a dream they have had. I will then make a video interpreting the dream. Go to this website’s Home Page, click on the Dream Interpretation banner. Write your dream in the contact box!

The New World Order and Conspiracy Theories

The New World Order is a phrase that became popular at the end of The Cold War. In 1989 there was hope that after 45 years of world stalemate, some leader or group could devise a way to manage world affairs that promoted peace, justice, and prosperity. Instead we’ve had endless wars, environmental degradation, climate change, poverty, the growth of dictators, racism, and anti-semitism. What the hell happened?

A feature of seemingly unresolved conflict within and between individuals is zero-sum thinking. That is, when there is a belief that there are only two, mutually exclusive decisional options. In Cold War thinking the two options were seen as capitalism or communism. There was no middle ground. The novelist Philip Roth said: “In capitalism everything goes and nothing matters. In communism nothing goes and everything matters”. People feel secure if they can put their faith in one all encompassing belief system. If one thinks everything goes and nothing matters (unmitigated lust); or nothing goes and everything matters (absolute suppression of instincts), then there is no anxiety causing conflict.

Full adherence to capitalist or communist beliefs can both be considered “Onethingisms”. Onethingisms are a defense against insecurity. Regardless of the fact that no belief system is perfect, reality is denied in order to reduce personal and societal anxiety. This sort of denial is seen in all mental illness. This why radical conspiracy theories are so seductive. They order the world in a comfortable way even if they imagine that evil forces—jews, bankers, immigrants, pedophiles—conjure awful imagines of apocalypse. At least the world makes sense. Nazism, Stalinism, and Trumpism play on the attractiveness of conspiracy theories.

The latest Onethingism is QAnon. I have met some of these conspiracy theorists. They are unable to tolerate reality as it is. And, of course today’s reality is pretty awful, especially for undereducated, poor people. They don’t have the mental strength to comprehend that their theories are just ways to reduce their fear and anxiety. Instead, they project their self-hatred onto people who they think caused their depression and anxiety. For the mentally ill, hate and aggression feel better than fear. And, their untrue beliefs become reinforced when shared with like minded others. It is a kind of mass delusion.

So, when there was a chance for a new world order, few were able to enlist what was wrong about capitalism and what was wrong about communism. So, the world needed new mutually exclusive, zero-sum onethingisms. These are represented by far right and far left conspiracy theorists. The truth of things is extraordinarily complex. To understand enough of reality is impossible when anxiety is too high. When truth is frightening, lunacy prevails in psychological and social life. Truth is less important than having a reality denying comforting Onethingism.

The new world order is psychologically and socially like the old world order. Except with overpopulation, climate change, deluded leaders, social media, and the availability of guns for individuals and nuclear weapons for nations, the new old world order is much more dangerous than the old world order. I am not hopeful. If Trump is re-elected, I imagine the human race will self-destruct in about five years.

Losing A Close Friend

Friendship represents one of the highest social achievements. A friend is not a family member. They are someone who has chosen to be close to you not because of some genetic connection. Your best friends reflect back to you who you are. If you have disappointed a best friend so badly that they cut you loose, it hurts. It causes one to wonder what they did wrong. Or, if you know why the other rejected you, regret follows.

On the other hand, often your friends project their own unconscious, denied ideas on to others, especially best friends and lovers. This means that when they reject you they are rejecting or denying part of themselves. Psychoanalysts say, “Projections have to have a hook”. In other words, we don’t project our unconscious ideas on just anyone. The target of projection has to have some similarity to the projector or, at least, bring up some aspect of the self they are conflicted about. Now, not everything one thinks about us is a projection. So it is more than possible they have seen something in us that is in fact true about us. But why have they decided to be our close friends for so long? Social psychologists have found that ‘similarity’ is the best predictor of who are friends are.

It is awful when friendships that have lasted for a lifetime break. You can plead with the other that you have changed, learned from your mistakes. But they have known you too long. They have seen bad behavior in the past and forgiven you. But then one more time and they have had enough of you. This can stimulate a change in you and the other person. But they will not likely believe you have changed. They block your phone number. There is no chance to plead. A helpless feeling comes over you. I want them back! But it’s not likely to happen.

So, what do you do? Unless you can blame them, you change. The sad part is that they will never know if and how you changed. In the end, that is their loss. Something of value about you, something that is also in them, will never be recognized consciously. Being able to take a very high perspective on human affairs allows people to forgive. It hurts when they don’t. But, of course, it takes two to tango.

TV Wrestling and The Three Stooges

I was interested in phoney wrestling matches shown on TV. When I was ten, I had my father take me to Sunnyside’s Gardens in Queens New York to see the “championship fight” between Haystack Calhun and Bruno San Martino. My favorite, the chronic loser Arnold Scoland, did not get to the championship because his role in TV wrestling was as a sympathetic, hometown loser. On TV, Sunnyside Gardens seemed to be filled with screaming fans. In reality, only about 40 dopes were arranged on ring side. These were captured by the TV cameras which did not pan to the rest of the empty arena.

At that age, ten, boys of my generation liked TV wrestling and The Three Stooges. The wrestling and the Stooges appealed to a similar mentality. Ten year old boys sense of reality has not been fully formed. They can easily ‘suspend disbelief’ and enjoy moronic wrestling and slapstick comedy.

You know that Donald Trump has been involved with the current version of TV Wrestling shown on what i think is called WWF. I am not sure what WWF stands for but it is an extensively produced form of fake madness. It can be taken as real by today’s ten year olds and many older, immature men, the kind of people who like Trump. It is as if the Three Stooges and Carl Von Hess, a wrestler who dressed in a Nazi uniform, were running the country. Actually they are. Oh man!!

What Does One Expect from Suicide?

After an uninterrupted, prolonged period of unhappiness, a person may contemplate if not execute suicide. They hope to end their suffering. But does relief imagined to follow death occur? It seems only if one is alive and conscious can relief from sorrow be felt. In the meantime, the suicide has hurt countless others who care for them. One’s life has meaning if it benefits members of the species and, of course, the individual is a member of the species. Even if one has failed so far in achieving their prosocial goals, living is the only way to do it. And, there is likely no perceptible relief from pain via suicide.