Announcing the Body-Mind Forums

Hi! I’m Dr. Dave. I’m a neurologist, an occasional contributor to this blog, and a moderator on our new Body-Mind Forums.

We will entertain any number of topics related to psychology and brain-behavior relationships. In particular, Dr. Bernstein and I are both very interested in psychopharmacology. We are looking to discuss traditional prescription meds, such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-anxiety agents. As well as alternative treatments like cannabis or even visionary medicines. We are also interested in the psychopharmacology of addiction. How we define addiction, what addictive meds do to your mind and brain, and what it takes to become un-addicted.

We have also set up forums for discussion of film, politics and culture, all from a psychological or psychoanalytic perspective. Finally, we have a sub covering the use of heart rate variability in mental wellness, something that Dr. Bernstein has an acute interest in. See articles on the topic here and a discussion of the device he has in development here.

Our intent is for this to truly be a discussion forum. Not an advice forum, nor an advocacy forum. (Except to the extent that we enthusiastically advocate for further research.) Welcome, and enjoy.

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