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  • Tracking
    The other day I wrote a blog about old sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Since then I have been blasted with ads for videos, toys, recordings, etc. related to the movie. Certainly, marketers are watching me and everyone else. It causes us to think about things longer than we wished to. Others … Read more Tracking
  • First Class Citizen, Second Class Citizen
    My sister just went to get hearing aids. She could get two of the best ones that the technician said, “filter out noise better”. The next level of quality was “it works okay”. She could have good enough ($1400), or First Class ($2100) hearing with two new hearing aids. The inclusion of services that make … Read more First Class Citizen, Second Class Citizen
  • How to Write
    Write. Go to sleep. Dream. Start writing the next day informed by the dreams of the night before, which were themselves informed by the work you did writing yesterday.