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  • Betrayal
    Trumpf built his entire administration upon demanding unctuous loyalty from his allies and now finds himself wounded by what he sees as their shabby betrayal of him. He is entirely without integrity, using one standard for assessing the self and another for judging others depending on egoistic motives. This sort of switch can occur more or … Read more Betrayal
  • The ‘Congress Riots’ were Reality TV
    The January 6th invasion of the congress is being described in grave tones as: ‘The most dastardly day in US history’;’ Our country’s worst hour’; ‘The greatest threat to democracy’, and so on. The deaths and the scenes of yahoos defiling the nation’s sacred space were nauseating. But at some level it was just another … Read more The ‘Congress Riots’ were Reality TV
  • Denial, Lies, Cyberwar, Conscious and Unconscious
    For forty years Republicans have claimed to be fiscal conservatives. But obviously they have not been. No one in recent memory besides Clinton has balanced the budget. Gullible people near poverty vote for conservatives! Besides the seeming match in social values, conservatives are no friends of the needy and, their claims of being helpful to … Read more Denial, Lies, Cyberwar, Conscious and Unconscious