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  • Shopping Addiction and Dopamine
    Dr Lee notes that acquiring things can cause a spike in dopamine. But shopping can be an addiction. So maybe the compulsive shopper is like one addicted to dopamine and may not feel too high but just normal when acquiring things. They are not happy but like opioid addicts, just looking for a shopping fix. … Read more Shopping Addiction and Dopamine
  • Conspicuous Consumption
    I just came back from a Walmart Super Store. Therein one can seemingly buy ANYTHING. The place is gigantic and stocked with food, clothing, hardware, kitchen ware, camping gear, drugs, electronics, home and office furniture, bath items, toys, automotive items, and on and on. It is the the Mount Everest of an economy built on … Read more Conspicuous Consumption
  • Psychical Impotence
    Many males have an inability to enjoy sex with one they love or difficulty loving another they have sex with. This Freud called ‘Psychical Impotence’. Usually, a person who the man can perform with sexually is debased, thought of a whore. Hence the syndrome gets its other name: The Madonna-Whore Complex. Freud felt that this … Read more Psychical Impotence

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